[Venturebeat] Quid makes million-dollar maps of technology’s past, present… and future

Popular tech blog, Venturebeat recently profiled our portfolio company Quid. Here’s what they had to say:

Iraqi insurgency groups and Silicon Valley startups may not appear to have a lot in common, but according to Quid‘s Chief Technical Officer Sean Gourley, the mathematics underlying innovation and conflict are not that different.

“The dynamics of an insurgency are actually quite similar to startups disrupting an established market,” says Gourley.

Data analysis is becoming ever more important within tech companies but Quid allows corporate strategists to manipulate a data-driven “map” of an entire technology sector’s past, present and even future. The animation below, for example, shows the evolution of the cleantech ecosystem from 2000 to 2010.

The company grew out of Gourley’s Ph.D. research on the mathematics of war. He and his colleagues discovered that the sizes and timing of attacks in conflicts such as Iraq, Afghanistan and Northern Ireland exhibited remarkable similarities, which could be used to predict future attacks and even push a conflict towards resolution. After a particularly grueling month Gourley spent in Baghdad in 2008, investor Peter Thiel advised him to apply the same techniques to technology.

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