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Technopreneur Action Group (TAG)

TAG LogoWe seek to aid the creation of tech start-ups by fostering a pool of individuals with business and technology ideas or skillsets through the Technopreneur Action Group (TAG). Regular activities are organized for TAG members to acquire knowledge and competencies, and also to provide a platform for networking. TAG activities also include corporate innovation programmes that can help identify new opportunities to propel future growth for our corporate partners.

Members receive alerts and invitations to customised training programmes as well as to talks by speakers from the industry that cover business, technical and sector knowledge.

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TAG Programmes

TAG.PASS (Technopreneur Action Group, Platform Accelerated Startups)

TAG.PASS is meant to help aspiring entrepreneurs develop and test business ideas quickly, primarily through several weeks of development platform training and domain knowledge sharing and coaching. This will equip them with essential skills to understand coding, leverage data and application platforms to launch their own start-ups, or join other acceleration programmes or work with corporate innovation teams.

Applications for 2016 Batch 1 are now open. Sign up here today!

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TAG.PASS Corporate Innovations

This is designed to assist corporate partners co-innovate with entrepreneurial teams and develop solutions to extend their business reach, increase product differentiation, competitiveness and enhance value to the customers. TAG.PASS Partners provide application platforms, technical and domain guidance, as well as enable entrepreneurial teams (that may include startups) to gain access to the partner’s business network to launch these innovative products and solutions.

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